About Us

Antapodia Biotherapeutics is a science-driven and developmental-stage biopharmaceutical company providing breakthrough solutions for treating aggressive solid tumors. The company develops first-in-class invadopodia-targeted siRNA and antibody therapeutics, which provide breakthrough solutions to shrink primary tumors and prevent tumor spreading and metastasis. These novel therapeutics have shown dramatic anti-tumor and anti-metastasis efficacy in different types of cancers and are expected to have a high opportunity for clinical success.

Competitive Advantages

  • First-in-class invadopodia-targeted therapeutics suitable for the treatment of advanced and highly metastatic cancers.
  • Three proprietary "Master Invadopodial Regulators (MIRs)" that enable the highly specific targeting of invadopodia on cancer cells.
  • Leveraging clinically validated nanoparticle formulated siRNA therapeutics and monoclonal antibodies.
  • Compelling PoM/PoC data verifying the preclinical efficacy of lead products.
  • A focused product portfolio suitable for different metastatic cancer types and clinical settings.
  • A solely-owned IP coverage.
  • World-class founders and scientific advisors.
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