Antapodia Therapeutics, Inc., a specialty biopharmaceutical company with a goal of creating first-in-class and breakthrough therapies for invasive and metastatic cancers, debuts at BiopharmAmerica to present the company's lead programs and impressive POC animal data.

Antapodia Therapeutics, Inc. announces the collaboration with Curadigm SAS (, an early-stage nanotechnology company, to harness its proprietary "liver-blocking" Nanoprimer technology to increase the bioavailability of AP-01, the first-in-class invadopodia-targeted LNP-siRNA therapy, in non-liver tumors and metastatic cancers. A series of proof-of-concept studies have shown a tremendous anti-tumor efficacy of the Nanoprimer/AP-01 combo therapy in primary and metastatic triple-negative breast cancers. Antapodia and Curadigm are currently exploiting this breakthrough strategy in other types of highly aggressive and pro-metastatic cancers.


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