Curadigm SAS, a subsidiary of the Nasdaq-listed biotechnology company Nanobiotix SA (NBTX), is an early-stage nanotechnology company developing a proprietary Nanoprimer that aims to unleash the potential of RNA-based therapeutics. The Nanoprimer consists of specifically-designed nanoparticles that is designed to transiently occupy the liver with the intent of increasing the blood bioavailability of intravenously-administered therapeutics while decreasing potential off-target effects, particularly liver toxicity. Antapodia Therapeutics leverages the Nanoprimer to enhance the anti-tumor and anti-metastasis efficacy of its lead product AP-01. Preclinical studies have shown that the Nanoprimer/AP-01 combo therapy may generate a synergy, which could create a great opportunity for the treatment of non-hepatic and/or metastatic cancers using next-generation lipid nanoparticle (LNP)-siRNA therapeutics.


Lipid nanoparticle (LNP)-formulated oligonucleotide or mRNA therapeutics have revolutionized modern medicine, permitting the precision targeting of disease-driver genes in oncology and other clinical areas such as vaccines and gene editing. To further exploit the potential of this clinically deployable platform, Antapodia Therapeutics collaborates with TTY Biopharm, an international pharmaceutical company specialized in liposome and special formulation biopharmaceuticals, to develop third-generation LNPs (3gLNPs) that are bio-degradable, tissue-customized, and surpass the current benchmark MC3-based LNPs in efficacy. These novel 3gLNPs will facilitate the repetitive administrations of AP-01 and other LNP-siRNA therapeutics with a high safety and therapeutic efficacy.


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