Curadigm (, a subsidiary of the biotechnology company Nanobiotix, is an early-stage nanotechnology company developing a proprietary Nanoprimer that aims to unleash the potential of RNA-based therapeutics. The Nanoprimer consists of specifically-designed nanoparticles that is designed to transiently occupy the liver with the intent of increasing the blood bioavailability of intravenously-administered therapeutics while decreasing potential off-target effects, particularly liver toxicity. Antapodia Therapeutics leverages the Nanoprimer to enhance the anti-tumor and anti-metastasis efficacy of its lead product AP-01. Preclinical studies have shown that the Nanoprimer/AP-01 combo therapy may generate a synergy, which could create a great opportunity for the treatment of non-hepatic and/or metastatic cancers using lipid nanoparticle (LNP)-siRNA therapeutics.


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